W lipcu 2019 r. przedstawiamy artykuł pracowników Instytutu Chemicznej Przeróbki Węgla – Tomasz Iluka, Aleksandra Sobolewskiego, Mateusza Szula i Tomasza Billiga.  Artykuł pt. „Integration of a selected district heating system with an installation for cogasification of coal and biomass” ukazał się w materiałach konferencyjnych Materials Science and Engineering.

Poniżej zamieszczamy streszczenie artykułu:

The article presents a topic related to generation of heat and power in small and medium size coal power units which are able to comply with the emission benchmark of 550 g of CO2/kWh through utilization of biomass. The concept for coal and biomass cogasification installation is based on GazEla reactor, which has been developed by Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal. Authors also present a discussion on issues related to technological scheme of the gasification unit which has been integrated with a selected district heating system. The system has been set up for generation of hot technological water and electrical power. Focal point of the installation is a fixed bed gasification reactor. For the system to provide means enabling cogeneration of heat and power, downstream from the generator a high-temperature gas dedusting system, a unit for recovery of heat from process gas coupled with separation of tar contaminants as well as a gas engine were proposed. A sorted chart presenting historical data for annual demand for heat together with the most important assumptions used during the analyses are discussed. Finally authors present results of calculations for the integrated unit that are further broadened by sensitivity analyses for change of gasification reactor’s efficiency, as well as engine’s efficiency for heat and power generation.

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