Removal of CO2 from fermentation gases

Last month, IChPW completed the 1st stage of the project “Conducting research and development works on the development of an innovative technology for obtaining bio-CO2 generated during fermentation processes”, implemented under the Intelligent Development Operational Program – “Innovation vouchers for SMEs”.

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Reconstruction of the coke oven battery in the “Częstochowa Nowa” Coking Plant

The Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal has started supervision over the reconstruction of the coke oven battery at the “Częstochowa Nowa” Coking Plant. We have already qualified the delivered materials for installation, conducting tests of their physical and chemical properties in the Institute’s laboratory and assessment of their compliance with the design guidelines. We currently control the correctness of the installation and assembly of individual elements of the coke oven battery under construction, at the same time resolving the implementation problems that always arise during this type of work.

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IChPW is a member of the platform

The Institute became a member of the international platform associating stakeholders (entrepreneurs and research units) in the area of CCU (carbon capture and utilization). More about the platform and its participants can be found here:

Scientific paper of the month – September 2020

This month we present a paper authored by M. Ściążko, B. Mertas, L. Kosyrczyk and A. Sobolewski from Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal.  The paper entitled „A Predictive Model for Coal Coking Based on Product Yield and Energy Balance”  was published in Energies.

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