Clean Coal Technologies Centre (CCTW) was established in September 2012 as a result of realization of P0IG.02.01.00-00-165/08 project co-financed by European Regional Development Fund within The Innovative Economy Operational Programme.
CCTW is the unique in Europe, 2ha in area, research center equipped with the range of laboratories and installations dedicated to performance of researches on thermal processing of coal, biomass and alternative fuels as well as to power generation at minimum CO2 emission. The technical-technological infrastructure of CCTW enables the comprehensive studying and run of processes in various scales – from basic laboratory scale research, through bench scale studies up to pilot scale processes performance. All CCTW facilities have modular structure enabling their sequential combination in order to investigate technologically more complex processes.

The leading CCTW facilities are:

The research infrastructure of CCTW also comprises of support units, including technical media installations, cooling towers, workshops, which assure the current technical service of installations and their eventual modification, and storage yards.
The applied control and monitoring system enables in-place and/or remote supervision of processes and change of operational parameters.
The priorities of research activities undertaken in CCTW are: the improvement of process’s efficiency and economy as well as the limitation and prevention of their impact on the environment.


Jarosław ZuwałaJarosław Zuwała Ph.D., D.Sc. – Director for R&D
tel. 4832/271 51 52, e-mail: