The Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal has started supervision over the reconstruction of the coke oven battery at the “Częstochowa Nowa” Coking Plant. We have already qualified the delivered materials for installation, conducting tests of their physical and chemical properties in the Institute’s laboratory and assessment of their compliance with the design guidelines. We currently control the correctness of the installation and assembly of individual elements of the coke oven battery under construction, at the same time resolving the implementation problems that always arise during this type of work.

The essential element of our further work will be the development of a detailed heating technology for the constructed facility, its implementation and participation in the technological start-up and commencement of normal operation, along with the regulation of battery firing parameters.

It is yet another investment supervised by our specialists. During the 65 years of its activity, the Institute has participated in the construction or reconstruction of over 100 coke oven batteries, not only in Poland, but also abroad (including Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Algeria). Based on the experience gained during the works, we were also the initiators of improvements and innovative solutions to improve the subsequent operation of the coke oven batteries.

Our specialists also supervised the construction of other industrial furnaces, such as furnaces for the production of carbon electrodes, for zinc smelting, installations for dry quenching of coke, or catalytic decomposition of ammonia. Although our activity is mainly focused on the coke industry, we are convinced that the vast and unique experience of our employees gained so far will also be useful for investors who build other, modern and increasingly complex industrial furnaces.