Last month, IChPW completed the 1st stage of the project “Conducting research and development works on the development of an innovative technology for obtaining bio-CO2 generated during fermentation processes”, implemented under the Intelligent Development Operational Program – “Innovation vouchers for SMEs”.

The research carried out in the 1st stage included measurements of carbon dioxide emissions from fermentation processes at the Żmudź Distillery by Transpol Sp. z o.o. from Leczna. The analysis of the chemical composition of the fermentation gas at different stages of the fermentation primarily involved the determination of the concentration of CO2 and oxygen in the post-fermentation gas. The flow rate and the temperature of gases generated in individual fermentation stages were also determined. In addition, the contents of aerosols, solids, moisture, ethanol and other fermentation by-products were determined. The course of the fermentation process was assessed in terms of the occurrence of solution foaming and entrainment of liquid drops.

The obtained results confirmed the possibility of obtaining carbon dioxide from fermentation processes. It has been shown that the carbon dioxide produced in the fermentation process contains insignificant amounts of oxygen and nitrogen, which enables relatively easy purification, compression and storage. The amount of carbon dioxide obtainable in a single fermentation cycle was estimated, which allows to determine the potential gains from the implementation of carbon dioxide capture. The obtained results constitute the basis for the development of the technological design of the installation for obtaining carbon dioxide from fermentation processes.