According to Circular Economy long term approach, the efficient recovery and management of resources present in wastes is extremely desired and it is one of the most important challenges of our times. The crucial tool required for the achievement of the established recycling goals is the development of suitable technologies, which assure not only the completion of legal demands, but also, what is even more important, allow for efficient recovery of valuable materials suitable for further reuse. However, without the well-organized support, the development of recycling systems will not be possible.

Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal  has gained a wide experience in the field of waste management during our long term cooperation with large scale industry, small and medium enterprises, local authorities, self-governments and other organizations involved in the development and implementation of effective management mechanisms in the waste sector. This experience allowed us to elaborate the concept of so called Zones for Waste Recycling. They are our response to the main waste management issues, especially in regard to hardly recyclable groups of wastes, identified on the basis of many expertises and waste sector analyses. Similarly as Technological Parks, Zones for Waste Management are based on the holistic approach to all stages from generation, collection up to processing and management of wastes. They cover common elements required for advanced recycling business support, which are arranged to efficiently assist individual technological solutions (figure), especially those offered by SMEs ready to undertake hard and complex technological challenges. We are sure that the development of the Zones will become the fundamental for the development of successful, integrated waste management systems, not only in Poland, but also in other European countries. And we are pleased to share this confidence with you. Hence, the idea of the establishment of first Polish Zone for Waste Management is one of the key points of Concept Note on integrated waste management submitted to LIFE IP Programme by GZM Metropolis in cooperation with IChPW, 33 municipalities associated within GZM and other partners, i.a. Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas and Silesian Union of Municipalities and Poviats.

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Autor: Anna Kwiecińska-Mydlak