In February JSW KOKS S.A. announced a tender for: “The selection of a Contractor for realization of the main task of the construction of coke oven battery No. 4 at JSW KOKS S.A. Coking Plant Przyjaźń in Dąbrowa Górnicza ”. There are several reason making this decision highly interested and approbated. Despite many difficulties related with finding a suitable Contractor within the planned budget and required guarantees on the reliability of the investment, JSW KOKS S.A. undertakes a number of efforts to find the best ways for its completion. The aging production potential of JSW KOKS S.A. and the limited possibilities of its reconstruction through renovation actions actually force the performance of such investments. It has to be also emphasize, that the available technical documentation of the battery indicates that it will be a very modern, advanced  facility equipped  with a number of innovative pro-ecological solutions dedicated to its environmentally accepted operation. Moreover, when completed, it will assure the utilization of the entire coal mined at JSW, what is highly beneficial in regard to the continuous growth on the coke demand observed on the market.
The launch of the battery, in the view of our Institute’s knowledge and experience, is a “must” not only for JSW Koks S.A. itself, but also for the entire national cokemaking industry. The realization of the investment will allow to maintain the capacity of cokemaking facilities in Poland, what is especially desired considering the complexity and duration of the battery  construction. It is also a great opportunity and fundamental requirement for companies involved in such investments, which, due to the periodical character of such actions (usually once per several years), continuously lose staff specialized in their performance.
Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal is currently the only research unit, which employs specialized and highly skilled workers (engineers, technologists and scientists) widely experienced in the supervision of the construction, launching, regulation and modernization/renovation of cokemaking batteries. Thus, we find this type of investments an excellent opportunity for both, maintenance and further development of competences and skills of our staff. The employees of the Institute participated in the construction of every among 22 coke oven batteries currently operated in Poland.

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Contact: Department of Cokemaking Technologies,
Head of Department: Bartosz Mertas, Ph.D.:

Author: L. Kosyrczyk, Ph.D.