Since 2005, the Institute is the organizer of proficiency testing in the field of hard coal, biomass, brown coal and combustion wastes. In 2008, Polish Centre of Accreditation established standards on accreditation certificate for proficiency testing organizers. The same year IChPW Proficiency Testing Centre (PTC) was distincted and both, elaboration of documents and implementation of management system, which stayed in agreement with ILAC-G13:08/2007, started.

In December 2010 Institute’s PTC gained the accreditation certificate for PROFFICIENCY TESTING ORGANIZERS no PT 004. In 2011, the development and implementation of management system in accordance to the standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17043:2011 took place. In January 2012 Proficiency Testing Center of IChPW was certified with Proficiency Testing Organizer certificate, which confirmed the fulfilment of the above mentioned standard requirements.

The Proficiency Testing Center holds interlaboratory researches in the analytical field of:

  • hard coal,
  • brown coal,
  • hard coal derived coke,
  • biomass for energy generation,
  • solid byproducts of combustion,
  • solid recovered fuels,
  • heavy oil and light heating oil,
  • limestone and gypsum.

The PTC is the first and the only Polish accredited provider of proficiency testing programs for the analysis of biomass, brown coal, coke and solid byproducts of combustion. Additionally, IChPW PTC, as the only center is the country, is the organizer of international proficiency testing of coke quality with the participation of Polish, Slovakian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Austrian and British laboratories.
The preparation of samples for further studies and analysis, in order to determine its homogeneity and stability, is carried out in Laboratory of Fuels and Activated Carbon, which is the part of Institute’s Group of Laboratories. Since 1996 the Institute is certified with Testing Laboratory Accreditation Certificate no AB 081 issued by Polish Accreditation Centre.

Electronic Participant Service

ebouElectronic Participant Service is the complete service platform for proficiency testing rounds organized by IChPW Proficiency Testing Centre. The platform enables planning and management of proficiency testing round. All activities related to the participation in proficiency testing rounds, including communication, are implemented through the Electronic Participant Service. The platform is equipped with a contextual help system. In every page, at the bottom, the user can find hints area, after opening of which proper guides and tips for operations are shown.


PTC Co-ordinator – prof. Sławomir Stelmach
tel. 4832/621 63 00,
Mariusz Mastalerz Deputy PTC CO-ordinator, PTC Technical Manager – Mariusz Mastalerz
tel. 4832/621 62 34,
PTC Expert – Mateusz Kochel
tel. 4832/621 65 62, email: